Imizama YethuAn introduction to Lulama and his tour operation:

I met Lulama, who heads up the tour operation, in 2011 on an Educo board retreat outing in the Groot Winterhoek Reserve through my wife Julia.

Lulama had completed one of the courses there, and I found out about his history and background through his words and through the stories of others. I will not go into detail here, and if you ask Lulama he may tell you more about his past, but what I wish to point out (with his approval) is that he overcame a past that was as difficult as can be, he overcame the senseless loss of a person that could not have been closer to him, he did not advocate revenge or violence-in-turn as many of us would probably have done in his case, with an iron will (also acquired through sports – he played for the under-17′s and under-19′s at Ajax Cape Town) and some of the most inspiring thoughts and visions in the mountains north of Cape Town he pulled through, and as I witnessed on a spontaneous walk through his part of the township yesterday, he is a massive inspiration to his community and to the kids around him. My family and I were blown away and humbled by his story and the tour Lulama & his friends gave us. Our kids of four and six revelled in the lively and friendly township atmosphere at the foot of the Hout Bay hills, so today we are hoping that this may be experienced by many others also, and that this can be the start of a little tour operation that can further change the lives of Lulama, his friends, those around them and those that take the tour.

If you feel something missing in Cape Town beyond classics such as Clifton Beach and Table Mountain, please book a tour under contact & booking, you will not be disappointed. All tours are handled directly by Lulama & friends, and all proceeds go directly to them and their community, which probably differentiates this operation from most other tours out there. Add the uniqueness of the tour in it’s authenticity, splendid Hout Bay surroundings, being on-foot and without touristy frills. The real deal.

Thanks all for considering, good chance that the few hours of the tour might be some of the most memorable you ever had. And obviously you’ll be supporting Lulama and the bustling township of Imizamo Yethu on the slopes of the Hout Bay mountains in a massive way.

imizamo yethu township

A big thank-you goes to James House (starting point of the tour), who offer secure and enclosed parking for the visitors and support Lulama and his friends on a regular basis through a variety of measures.

Cheers good people

Stefan Willand

Co-Director IMCOSA
09 November 2012

IMCOSA Immigration & Consulting South Africa supports Lulama’s Tours by way of supportive capital, a web presence, supporting an IT infrastructure and assisting with marketing & administrative processes. All tours are handled by Lulama & friends, all proceeds go directly to Lulama & friends and the Imizamo Yethu community.